Ten Reasons You Should Own a Custom Chopper

By Tyler Powers Custom choppers are the Mercedes of motorcycles, and they are as much fun to own as any super-luxury vehicle. I’m certain that when you see a custom chopper, you wish you had one for yourself. Here’s ten reasons to buy a custom chopper… 1. FUN! Yes, this […]

Are Choppers Only For The Big Guys?

By Chris E Martin Motorcycles have been in vogue for a long time. They are heavy machines which are rugged and heavy. Men have always liked riding motorcycles. Choppers – a type of motorcycle, has have been in existence since the end of the Second World War. Why did the […]

How To Select The Perfect Motorcycle

By Dhivya Rateesh Nair You are way past your childhood and are on the way to adulthood, this is exactly when your interest in motorcycles and biking pressures arise. If you are one among the 500,000 people looking out for a new motorcycle but are relatively new to the sport, […]

A Brief History of the Motorcycle

By Joseph Devine Unlike many popular inventions, the motorcycle cannot trace its origins to a single engineer or inventor’s one idea. Rather, the motorcycle is a descendent of the “safety bicycle,” a bicycle equipped with two wheels of the same size and a pedal crank mechanism that drives the rear […]

The Ultimate Motorcycle Buyers Guide

By Dennis Paguio Motorcycle Types While some motorcycle enthusiasts and collectors focus on the brand and the heritage of a particular marque of motorcycles, a casual rider should focus on what the motorcycle is for. There are many types of motorcycles available from motorbike dealers: * Mopeds and scooters are […]

Important Motorcycle Safety Tips

By Jeffrey S Dawson Ever more popular, but very dangerous, motorcycle riding is very common in many states. Following are some guidelines which are offered in an effort to provide useful traffic safety information. While some of the suggestions are common sense, other points are important to review: Lane Splitting […]

Motorcycles and Girls

By Eddie Tobey Click Here For Our Bike Babes! A motorcycle is considered as the one of the trendiest and common means of transport. Earlier, it was popular only among men. But, today, even girls are passionate about this trendy vehicle and are widely using it off and on road […]